Like a story told from generation to generation, each painting a picture in a different light but still maintaining the meaning, I am passing on my father’s trade onward. Many years worth of painting expertise moves on to the next generation with it’s skills and methods further perfected with time.

Twenty years ago my father, Tim Steuber, started his business, Steuber Painting, in mid-Missouri. Being that his business was very successful, and often crowded with work, I would give him a hand. Eventually I took on a fascination with the work and his attention to detail. After working with him many years day after day, I got more excited about commercial and residential  painting and how much it changes and transforms a place. I took on more interest with the choices of colors and matches and how it can bring a room to life. After working with him some time, he would ask my opinion on colors and as a results my opinions grew. It was easier and easier to select great looking colors as we finished more and more houses. 2nd gen paint

Now I plan to further his success under 2nd Generation Painting. Taking his experience and giving it to you. I would love to discuss any ideas you have and bring them to life. Also, If you need a hand with color selection or any insight as to what would suit your needs best, give a call!